PIER PhD reception

Andrea Pauline Martin (left) from the Joachim Herz Stiftung and the new fellows Karolina Stachnik, Mia Rudolph and her daughter Zoe, Lisa Roth, Constantin Muranaka, Padam Ghimire and Felix Schmidt. Photograph: Marta Mayer/DESY

A very Christmassy foyer of Hamburg's Center for Free-Electron Laser Science was the venue for the first PIER PhD reception on 3 December 2015. More than 100 PhD students with their supervisors, friends and relatives, and staff from both DESY and Universität Hamburg had come together to honour the first graduates of the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School (PHGS), to applaud ...


PhD weekend trip to Lübeck

Hot research, cool weather and the icy Baltic Sea: Some of the participants of the Lübeck excursion on 14-15 November 2015. Photograph: Private

Since joint PhD excursions of students from the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and the SFB676 collaborative research centre have now been taking place for three years in a row, one might almost speak of a young tradition. On the weekend of November 14th, the third PhD weekend organised by the SFB676 student council with generous support from the PIER Helmholtz Graduate ...


Travel report SACLA, Japan

Working on the set-up at the SACLA inside experimental Hutch 2. Photograph: Private.

Tadesse Assefa traveled to the Spring-8 Angstrom Compact Free Electron Laser (SACLA), Japan to participate in a time-resolved XFEL experiment. The experiment was conducted from Nov 14 till 22, 2015. The experiment focuses on investigating ultrafast ligand-exchange mechanisms of transition metal complexes. Time-resolved X-ray spectroscopic and diffuse scattering techniques ...


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PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

Travel grants, language and soft skill courses, career training, helpdesk and more services for PhD Students of Universität Hamburg and DESY.


PIER Dates

01 Nov. 2015 to 03 Nov. 2015
Speaker: D'ENTERRIA, David
Location: Seminar room 4, Building 1b
11 Feb. 2016 16:00
Location: bld. 61, SR 119
18 Feb. 2016 to 19 Feb. 2016
Location: IV and V
19 Feb. 2016 08:00
Location: bld. 61, SR 119
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