dynaMENT: Mentoring programme kick-off

Kick-off dynaMENT: Panel discussion with Christina Bömer, Dr. Pardis Niknejadi and Prof. Beate Heinemann. Photograph: Michel Dingler

The criteria that are necessary to succeed in science are given and have to be fulfilled. The path to success, however, is a broad playing field in which professional mentoring can be extremely valuable. The kick-off event on 18 June for the third round of the program dynaMENT “Mentoring for Women in Natural Sciences” clearly demonstrated, how fruitful a ...


PIER Innovation Lunch Talk: Hidden Assumptions and Typical Pitfalls When Founding in Tech

Photograph: Marta Mayer / DESY

What does “sales” mean in reality? Where should I set my priorities: sell what I have or develop the next product? And what typical errors can I avoid when founding in tech? These and other questions will be answered by Florian Pithan, co-founder and marketing manager of the DESY spin-off X-Spectrum GmbH during the next PIER Innovation Lunch Talk. Join us for a ...


PIER Innovation Lunch Talk: Business Plan, Business Model Canvas and Pitch

Photograph: Marta Mayer / DESY

How do I put together a business plan? What is the use of a Business Model Canvas? And what does the perfect pitch to investors look like? These and other questions will be answered by Hanno Kellner of WIRTSCHAFTSSENIOREN-BERATEN e.V. during the next PIER Innovation Lunch Talk. Join us for a get-together after the talk, discuss further questions with the speaker and meet ...


PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

Travel grants, language and soft skill courses, career training, helpdesk and more services for PhD Students of Universität Hamburg and DESY.


PIER Dates

25 Jun. 2018 12:00
Speaker: Florian Pithan (X-Spectrum GmbH)
Location: SR1
28 Jun. 2018 13:00
Speaker: Suvi-Leena Lehtinen
Location: Gebäude 3, BAH1
28 Jun. 2018 14:00
Speaker: Hong-Guang Duan
Location: building 99, seminarroom O1.111
29 Jun. 2018 09:30
Chaired by: Jutta Schwarz
Location: SR IV, building 99
29 Jun. 2018 15:00
Speaker: Björn Arndt
Location: Gebäude 3,Raum BAH1
03 Jul. 2018 10:00
Location: building 61 (PIER Office), room 116
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