PIER Commission

The PIER Commission decides on all strategic aspects of the cooperation between UHH and DESY.

Universität Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen

President of Universität Hamburg
+49 40 42838-1800

Dr. Martin Hecht

Kanzler of Universität Hamburg
+49 40 42838-4404

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Graener

Dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN)
+49 40 42838-7904/-8216

Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Koch-Gromus

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
+49 40 7410-52003

Prof. Dr. Michael Potthoff

Spokesperson of Physics Department
+49 40 42838-2726


Prof. Dr. Helmut Dosch

Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors
+49 40 8998-2408

Christian Harringa

Director of Administration
+49 40 8998 2191

Dr. Reinhard Brinkmann

Director of the Accelerator Division
+49 40 8998-3255

Prof. Dr. Edgar Weckert

Director in charge of Photon Science
+49 40 8998-1803

Prof. Dr. Joachim Mnich

Director in charge of Particle Physics and Astroparticle Physics
+49 40 8998-3023