PIER Seed Projects

Call for applications closed

PIER Seed Projects promote innovative, creative and unusual research ideas with a strong cross-institutional dimension. Projects must involve researchers from both DESY and Universität Hamburg. The funding program is particularly aimed at qualified young scientists. It provides rapid and non-bureaucratic seed funding for the identification, initiation, development, testing and implementation of completely new research ideas, concepts or methods in the PIER research fields. Funding will focus on creative ideas, lateral thinking as well as risky research ideas with possibly high potential benefits. Please note that funding decisions are based on the presentation of invited Seed Project applications. Presentations in front of the PIER Executive Board will be held on Monday, July 9, 2018.

Funded Projects 2017

In this call for PIER Seed Projects, nine proposals have been selected by the jury to receive seed funding out of the PIER Idea Fund. 22 applications had been submitted to the PIER Office until the deadline in 2017.

Elementary and structural analysis of the insufficiently studied perilacunar bone matrix using X-ray- and electron-based high-resolution imaging techniques (Katharina Jähn, UKE)

Highly Efficient Generation of Narrowband THz Pulses (Spencer Jolly, Nicholas Matlis, DESY/UHH)

Pulsed molecular source for gas-phase spectroscopy on large molecules (Bastian Manschwetus, DESY)

Dark Matter at 10 TeV and beyond, a new goal for cosmic-ray experiments (Filippo Sala, DESY)

Imaging in three and four dimensions: A Deep Learning Network for Natural Science (Peter Schleper, Marcus Brüggen UHH)

Amorphous and crystalline hybrid mirror coatings (Jessica Steinlechner, UHH)

MADMAX Workshop (Jan Schütte-Engel, UHH)

Stealth nanodisc and Salipro (saposin-lipoprotein) scaffolds for structure determination of integral membrane proteins in native-like environment (Henning Tidow, UHH)