PIER Workshops

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PIER has set itself the aim of promoting cooperation between Universität Hamburg and DESY as well as be-tween the PIER research fields. The PIER research fields encompass particle and astroparticle physics, nanoscience, photon science, as well as infection and structural biology. The PIER competence fields Voss-Wideröe-Center for Accelerator Science and Wolfgang-Pauli-Center for Theoretical Physics combines the PIER research fields. PIER actively sponsors the implementation of PIER workshops.

The aim of a PIER workshop is to promote the interinstitutional and/or interdisciplinary cooperation within PIER, and in doing so, pushing on with stimulating and promoting idea-finding processes on a sustainable basis. Therefore, PIER workshops can be distinguished from academic, lecture-oriented workshops which are aimed at a small peer group.

PIER workshops are characterized by
• the fact that they provide a sufficient amount of time for participants to engage in discussions,
• the topics reach beyond what is discussed in specialized scientific communities,
• participants come from different organizations and disciplinary fields,
• and the aim is to create new ideas and support new cooperation.

It can be applied for a funding up to a maximum sum of € 7,000.

A variety of workshop concepts is presented in the appendix and may be used for guidance on the conceptualization of workshops.

Scope of the funding
Financial support for moderators, guest speakers, room rental etc. can be applied for.

The applicant must be registered as a PIER Scientist (www.pier-hamburg.de/registration). Members of the Universität Hamburg, DESY, as well as members of associated partner organizations (EMBL, HPI, BNI) are eligible to file an application. The main applicant must be a member of the Universität Hamburg or DESY.

The underlying idea must have a new approach at its core and, as such, may neither be the objective of an existing funding support nor a separate part of a funded third-party project.

Structure of the application
The application may be written either in German or in English. It should contain the following information, in which the length of the aspect “background, justification, approach and objective for the implementation of the workshop” should not exceed one page:
General information (cover application form at www.pier-hamburg.de/templates):
• Workshop title
• Contact details of the main applicant
• Contact details of further applicants
• Date of the workshop
• Budget plan (including specification of own resources)

Workshop details
• Background, justification, approach and objective for the implementation of the workshop
• Potential participants
• Approximate schedule and date of the workshop

Applications for PIER workshops have to be submitted to the PIER office by the 10 January 2016. The evaluation follows a one-stage procedure carried out by the PIER Executive Board.

A short report has to be submitted to the PIER Office four weeks after the expiration of the funding measure. In case the report of expenditure of funds cannot be completed due to ongoing settlement procedures, missing documents will have to be filed subsequently.
PIER is a partnership between Universität Hamburg and DESY. PIER is not a legal entity. The financial support of funded projects will be handled by one partner of PIER, either Universität Hamburg or DESY.

A legal claim to funding cannot be derived from the submission of a proposal.

Funded projects are obliged to refer to the funding authority PIER when presenting the project or results.

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