PIER Workshops 2017

MADMAX Workshop

Participants of the workshop. Photo by Jan Schütte-Engel

Organisers: Jan Schütte-Engel, Erika Garutti

When: 18. - 19. Oktober 2017

Axions are hypothetical particles introduced to solve the strong CP problem of the Standard Model. In addition axions can resolve the dark matter mystery. Axions with masses in the range of a few µeV up to a few hundreds of µeV are furthermore motivated by the scenario in which the Peccei-Quinn symmetry is broken after inflation, and in which the vacuum realignment mechanism and decays of topological defects contribute to the dark matter density. These motivate the search for axions in direct detection experiments on Earth, and the development of new techniques to become sensitive to this specific axion mass region.

One option is the MAgnetized Disk and Mirror Axion eXperiment (MADMAX) experiment, a haloscope utilizing dielectric media to enhance the signal of photons converted axions.

The MADMAX Workshop was the starting point for the newly MADMAX collaboration, which was formed officially on the first evening of the workshop. The Workshop brought together experimentalists and theorists and included many talks concerning the progress and the ongoing work in the newly formed
MADMAX collaboration. All talks and the following discussions gave a perfect environment for all collaboration members to get an overview of the ongoing work in the collaboration. Furthermore the talks are the starting point for members which entered the working groups only recently.

In total around 30 people attended the workshop. The scientific program was rounded off with the visit to the North hall, where the final experiment is planned to be build.