Part of PIER’s mission is to promote innovation within the thematic scope of the PIER research fields. In the name of DESY and Universität Hamburg, PIER seeks to establish an innovation-friendly culture on the science campus in Hamburg Bahrenfeld and to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among its researchers. To this end, PIER engages in a variety of activities, e.g. the organization of workshops and coachings, presentations of best practice etc.

Upcoming events and activities

DESY Start-up Office @ ITT: Start-Ups Run On Coffee


Have a Cup of Coffee at the DESY Start-Up Office Camp Out!

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, find out more about options for spinning off. Or simply get in touch with others who are thinking about the adventure of founding a company.

Campus Bahrenfeld Dates:
18 September 2018 : 08:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. In front of building 5
19 September 2018 : 08:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Parking lot in front of 30b
20 September 2018 : 08:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Parking lot next to 25f

DESY Start-up office - Dr. Christina Claßen

PIER Innovation Lunch Talks: Startup Knowledge - How to Apply for a Bank Loan

Photograph: Marta Mayer / DESY

How do I go about applying for a bank loan as a young entrepreneur? What are dos and don’ts that I should know about? These and other questions will be answered by Reinhard Hahn, a former bank manager and now consultant at Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V., during the next PIER Innovation Lunch Talk.

Join us for a get-together after the talk, discuss further questions with the speaker and meet like-minded fellow researchers. Free refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Date & Venue:
27 September 2018, 12 noon – 1:30 p.m.
Campus Bahrenfeld, CFEL, SR1


Past events and activities

Hidden Assumptions and Typical Pitfalls When Founding in Tech (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 25 June 2018
Business Plan, Business Model Canvas and Pitch (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 24 May 2018
Starting a Company in the Life Sciences (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk) 19 April 2018
Business meets Physics, 16 April 2018
Inventions and Patents (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 22 March 2018
Starting a Tech Company (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 22 February 2018
PIER Start-Up Workshop, 8 December 2017
PIER Innovation Day, 17-18 March 2016
PIER Talk, 22 June 2015
PIER Innovation Workshop, 22 May 2014


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Consulting and support at DESY and Universität Hamburg


DESY Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT)
Consulting and support for DESY employees regarding spin-offs, patents and commercialization. Read more...

Universität Hamburg Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Consulting and support for Universität Hamburg students and employees regarding start-ups and knowledge and technology transfer. Read more...

Events of other institutions

Finanzierung für Existenzgründer

IFB-Workshop "Öffentliche Finanzierungshilfen für Existenzgründer", 13.09.2018, 10.00 Uhr – 13.00 Uhr, Besenbinderhof 31, 20097 Hamburg