PIER Innovation Events 2019

Photograph: Franck V. T. on Unsplash

PIER Startup Bootcamp III: “Business Plan and Funding”, 13 December 2019

Participants received an overview of the business plan and learned how they can transfer their own business ideas, Business Model Canvas or research results into this more classical framework. Besides covering topics including marketing, market research, legal structures and team development, the participants intensively examined various financing strategies and opportunities. The workshop was moderated by Andreas Voss (Concis Group!).

Photograph: Franck V. on Unsplash

PIER Startup Bootcamp II: “Business Modeling”, 24 October 2019

Participants learned how to develop business models based on their own ideas or research findings. The methodic focus was on Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Systems Thinking. The workshop offered a mix of theoretical input as well as creative and practical group exercises, which encouraged the participants to think and act like entrepreneurs. The workshop was moderated by Andreas Voss (concis Group).

Photograph: Mark Hartney

PIER Industry Talk: Opportunities and Challenges in Energy Storage, 24 September 2019

Dr. Mark Hartney, former Chief Technology Officer of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory gave the Industry Talk during the PIER Graduate Week 2019. Dr. Hartney shared his broad experience in science-industry relations and gave an overview of the latest developments in energy storage research.

Photograph: Jan Wilken

Marketing for High-Tech Startups (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 25 June 2019

What are the peculiarities of marketing for a tech company? How do I develop a marketing strategy? And what channels should I use? These and other questions were answered by Michel Clement, professor of marketing and media at Universität Hamburg.

Photograph: Startup Stock Photos

Starting and Running a Software-Based Company (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 27 May 2019

What are the challenges when founding a software company? How do I identify a niche for my business? These and other questions were answered by Lasse Schuirmann, founder of several software-based startups.

Photograph: Itchaznong on Fotolia

Gründungsförderung für Tech Start-Ups (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 25 April 2019

Welche öffentlichen Fördermittel gibt es für technologiebasierte Gründungen in Hamburg? Was sind die Voraussetzungen und Bedingungen, um Zuschüsse für ein Gründungsvorhaben zu erhalten? Antworten dazu gab es von Dörte Bunge von der IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH.

Photograph: Franck V. T. on Unsplash

PIER Startup Bootcamp I: Design Thinking, 5 April 2019

In this workshop, junior researchers got an overview of the Design Thinking approach, a creativity technique they can use to generate/utilize ideas from their own research results. In addition, they learned how to develop new products or services as well as their own business models using their own ideas. The workshop was moderated by Andreas Voss.

Photograph: Matej Kastelic on Fotolia

Startup Support at DESY & UHH (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 25 March 2019

You have a brilliant business idea, but don’t know which steps to take next in order to turn it into a company? You are looking for advice on how to set up a business plan or find funding for your startup idea? The Startup Offices of DESY and UHH presented their services and activities to give researchers an idea where they can turn to when thinking about starting their own business.

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The Ideal Startup Team: Does It Really Exist? (PIER Innovation Lunch Talk), 21 February 2019

Successful startups rely not only on smart business ideas but also on the people behind them. But is there really something like the ideal startup team? And if yes, what does it look like? These and other questions were answered by Hanno Kellner of Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V.