PIER Innovation Events 2022

YES Photo

Photograph: Young Entrepreneurs in Science

Online Workshop "From Potential to Prototype" by the Young Entrepreneurs in Science program (YES), 20 May 2022

This remote workshop “From Potential to Prototype” organized by the Young Entrepreneurs in Science program (YES) of the Falling Walls Foundation took place in cooperation with PIER on 20 May 2022, 9 am - 5 pm (via Zoom).
The workshop addressed interested PhD students and postdocs and invited them to learn how to develop an idea into a tangible prototype. The workshop goals were:
· Exploring one’s personal innovation skillsets and uniting them in a team
· Identifying the problem, developing a solution, assessing the ideas
· Learning about the problem-solution fit and critical function
· Building and testing a prototype of your own idea

Admission was free and no previous knowledge was required. In addition, participants were granted a personalized certificate and exclusive access to our online network for scientists.

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Online Workshop: PIER Start-Up Bootcamp I “Design Thinking", 8 April 2022

In this remote workshop, PhD students and postdocs got an overview of the Design Thinking approach, a creativity technique they can use to generate/utilize ideas from their own research results. In addition, they learnt how to develop new products or services as well as their own business models using their own ideas. Design Thinking is based on the cognitive working process of designers. Whenever designers develop ideas and solutions, they progress step by step: they empathize, define, innovate, create prototypes and test these. This is exactly the process our participants went through within the workshop. The workshop offered a mix of theoretical input as well as creative and practical group exercises, which encouraged the participants to think and act like entrepreneurs when analyzing their ideas and business models. The workshop was moderated by Andreas Voss (Concis Group! & Friends).

Lunch Talk Photo

Photo: Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

PIER Innovation Lunch Talk "From Idea to Market - Validating a Product Idea in High-Tech“, 24 March 2022 (online)

How do I turn a scientific discovery with high innovation potential into an actual product? How can the costly and time-consuming phase of technology and market validation, that is often referred to as the “valley of death”, be funded? These and other questions were addressed during our last PIER Innovation Lunch Talk. Our speaker this time was Dr. Axel Schönbeck, postdoc at the Institute of Laser Physics (ILP) of Universität Hamburg. He and his two research partners have received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under its VIP+ funding scheme for the validation of their product idea.