DOIT 3on3 basketball tournament

On July 13th DOIT hosted their second 3on3 basketball tournament at the DESY basketball court. This event was organized in cooperation of DOIT and the “Herzliches Lockstedt e.V.”, a non-profit ...

67th meeting of Nobel laureates at Lindau

The PIER Helmholtz Graduate School (PHGS) congratulates its member, Hendrik Schlicke, PhD student in the group of Prof. Horst Weller at the University of Hamburg, who participated as Young Scientist ...

Kick-Off dynaMENT

On June 28th the kick-off event of the 2nd round of the mentoring program dynaMENT took place on the Campus Bahrenfeld. During an entertaining event the 15 ...

The PIER running team at B2Run

On 11 May 2017, the PIER running team of 19 young scientists from DESY and Universität Hamburg participated for the fifth time in the company running event "B2RUN". 7800 runners from ...

Career day for women

What is important in a scientific career? What are strategies to apply for funding? What challenges need to be overcome? The “Women’s Career Day 2017” offered multiple answers to ...

Emerging Science Convention

Vom 24. bis zum 26. November lud die Nachwuchsgruppe Life Sciences mit ihren Kooperationspartnern, der PIER Hemholtz Graduate School und dem Deutschen Jungforschernetzwerk – JuFORUM e.V., zur ...

PhD Award 2016 for PIER fellow Cornelius Gati

The Association of the Friends and Supporters of DESY (VFFD) has awarded its 2016 prize for doctoral students to Cornelius Gati. The VFFD is doing so in recognition of Gati’s doctoral thesis ...

PIER PhD Reception

This year's PIER PhD reception took place on 1 December in the foyer of Hamburg's Center for Free-Electron Laser Science. More than 100 PhD students, their supervisors, friends and relatives, and ...

Science on tap: Experiencing current research in a bar

“My head is no particle accelerator”, a guest in Max & Consorten has put it with a smile. Nevertheless, she was apparently taking great pleasure in Prof. Haller´s lecture – being one of 80 ...

20th Women in Physics Conference

What are the current questions in research? What are women physicists investigating? Are the strategies for the promotion of women still up to date? The 20th Women in Physics Conference, where female ...

PIER Graduate Week 2016

More than 140 PhD and master's students have attended the third PIER Graduate Week from 10 - 13 October 2016 in Hamburg's Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL). The four-day workshop ...

6 candidates selected for PIER PhD projects

On 14 September 2016, the PIER board chose 6 candidates whose PhD project is funded for 3 years through the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School. The multi-stage selection process was highly ...

PhD excursion to Noer castle

The fourth year in a row, the joint PhD excursion of students from the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School and the SFB676 collaborative research centre was held successfully in the Castle Noer. In ...

PIER Innovation Day 2016

Patents, licences and start-ups from science – Hamburg is right up there with other scientific locations in Germany. However, it is difficult to get an overview of the actors and their ...

23 Nov. 2017 to 24 Nov. 2017
Location: DESY, 3, 3a, 4a/b, 5, building 1b
09 Oct. 2017 to 12 Oct. 2017
Location: Bahrenfeld Campus ( DESY) , SemRoom I-IV, CFEL, Bldg. 99
14 Sep. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
14 Sep. 2017 to 15 Sep. 2017
Location: CFEL, Bahrenfeld Campus, SR IV/V
07 Sep. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
31 Aug. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
24 Aug. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
17 Aug. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
10 Aug. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
09 Aug. 2017 15:00
Speaker: Alexander Knetsch
Location: DESY Campus, Building 28c, FLASH Seminar Room (2nd floor)
03 Aug. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
31 Jul. 2017 10:00
Speaker: Victor Tkachenko
Location: DESY Campus, Building 99 (CFEL), SR 1
27 Jul. 2017 13:30
Location: DESY, Building 99 (CFEL), Room 1.024
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