PIER Funding: Seed Projects Call 2020

You are a researcher at DESY or UHH/UKE? You have an innovative research idea and would like to develop it further? Apply now for seed funding at PIER! PIER Seed Projects promote innovative and ...

PIER Startup Bootcamp - Business Plan and Funding

PIER is pleased to announce its next PIER Start-Up Workshop “Business Plan and Funding” for early stage researchers (PhD students and Postdocs), taking place on 13 December 2019 on Bahrenfeld ...

PIER PhD reception 2019

This year's PIER PhD reception took place on 10 December in the foyer of Hamburg's Center for Free-Electron Laser Science. More than 200 PhD students, their supervisors, friends, ...

"Hamburg is a great place to come for research"

Cannon Vogel, 22, recently completed his bachelor's degree in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), specializing in theoretical and computational particle cosmology. At present, ...

Theoretical Physics Symposium 2019

Theoretical Physics Symposium 2019 The Wolfgang Pauli Centre for Theoretical Physics, a joint forum of the Universität Hamburg and DESY, organizes a three day Symposium on Theoretical Physics, ...

PIER Startup Bootcamp: Business Modeling

PIER is pleased to announce its next PIER Start-Up Workshop “Business Modeling” for early stage researchers (PhDs and Postdocs), taking place on 24 October 2019 on Bahrenfeld campus. Participants ...

DESY Science Day

Not to be missed: DESY’s annual Science Day this year starts with a science slam with short lectures of PhD students. In the afternoon, the prize for the best PhD thesis will be awarded to PIER ...

Physics and Mathematics of Calabi-Yau Manifolds

PAULI LECTURES 2019 by Prof. Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech, IPMU Tokyo) The concept of Calabi-Yau manifolds plays an essential role in string theory. We will first review the definition and some of ...

PIER Graduate Week

More than 100 PhD and master's students have attended the sixth PIER Graduate Week from 23 - 26 September 2019 in Hamburg's Center for Free-Electron Laser Science. The four-day workshop and ...

Guest lecture with Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter

On 24 June 2019, more than 200 people crowded into the auditorium of the Center for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) to listen to Saul Perlmutter, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics and ...

Wissen vom Fass 2019

Todesopfer beim Spinnensex? Das Schweigen der Leber? „Wissen vom Fass“ bringt das Kopfkino in Schwung. Am Donnerstag, dem 25. April 2019, werden Hamburgs Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler ...

Career after your PhD

Career after your PhD: Academia, business, industry or science management? A two-day career fair for 100 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from DESY and the Faculty of Mathematics, ...

PIER Hamburg-MIT Network Workshop

On 21-22 January 2019, researchers from different Hamburg research institutions met with colleagues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Hamburg Bahrenfeld to sound out future ...

Fixed roles and how to become more diverse

German-English event organized by CUI together with DESY-GB and PIER examined stereotypes and biases from different perspectives. Stereotypes are a huge obstacle for developing an equal society. ...

Alexander Knetsch receives doctoral students' prize

Association of the Friends and Supporters of DESY presents doctoral students’ prize Alexander Knetsch and Stefan Zeller have been awarded the 2018 doctoral students’ prize by the ...

PIER Coordinates New Research Network with MIT

Researchers from DESY, Universität Hamburg (UHH) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have laid the basis for a joint „Trans-Atlantic Grand Challenges Research Network“. The aim of ...

PIER at GAIN Meeting 2018 in Boston

At this year’s GAIN Meeting which took place on September 7-9 in Boston, PIER presented research opportunities on the Bahrenfeld campus to German early-career scientists currently working in the ...

PIER Funding: Workshops and Short Visits

Are you interested in planning a scientific workshop? Would you like to invite a researcher from abroad? Apply for funding at PIER! PIER Workshops promote idea-finding processes and scientific ...

dynaMENT: Mentoring programme kick-off

The criteria that are necessary to succeed in science are given and have to be fulfilled. The path to success, however, is a broad playing field in which professional mentoring can be extremely ...

29 Jun. 2020 10:00
Chaired by: Iris Köhler
Location: Online via ZOOM
25 Jun. 2020 to 26 Jun. 2020
Chaired by: Carsten Rohr
Location: Online via Zoom
23 Jun. 2020 to 25 Jun. 2020
Chaired by: Bernd Klein
Location: online
18 Jun. 2020 to 19 Jun. 2020
Location: Campus Bahrenfeld/DESY, 456/building 25f
15 Jun. 2020 14:00
Speaker: Marco Hufnagel (DESY Hamburg)
Location: Campus Bahrendfeld, Gebäude 1b, SR 44, Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg
08 Jun. 2020 16:00
Speaker: Jakob Gollwitzer
Location: Campus Junguisstraße, Seminarraum 2, Jungiusstraße 9
03 Jun. 2020 to 05 Jun. 2020
Location: Online via ZOOM
03 Jun. 2020 to 05 Jun. 2020
Location: Online via ZOOM
04 Oct. 2017 to 06 Oct. 2017
Chaired by: Karl Jansen
Speaker: BANERJEE, Debasish (DESY), BANULS, Marie Carmen
Location: DESY Hamburg, Bldg. 90, ZOQ