When communicating your own research, a blogpost is a quick and easy way to publish your own thoughts and explanations in your own time, and by your own rules.

Without an editor giving you deadlines, and without reviewers giving you headaches, a blogpost can be ideal to test your ideas with colleagues, explain your work to friends and family, or share some of your triumphs and frustrations. It may not have an audience of millions, but it has its own link, and will always be there for you to show to anyone.

This workshop will help you structure your thoughts into well-readable text, choose pictures with appropriate licenses, make use of social media in spreading a blogpost, and you will get a chance to publish your own text to show the world - with editing help from your workshop host, and online hosting provided to you.

Online Workshop: Science Communication I: "Blogging"
Date: 24, 25, 31 January & 01 February 2022
Venue: online (required software: zoom.us to participate in the virtual workshop)
Trainers: Michael Büker & Theresa Schredelseker

Registration: https://indico.desy.de/event/30013/

As the number of participants is limited, early registration is strongly recommended.