Science Slam Photo

Wow, thank you all for coming! It was a blast. We had so much fun at the 1st PIER Science Slam on May 4 in the DESY Auditorium.

Special thanks go to our five science slammers who blew away the audience with their amazing presentations:

Nidin Vadassery, PhD student at CFEL, DESY, IMPR-UFAST, experimental laser physics

Judita Beinortaite, PhD student at DESY, theoretical Physics

Maria Font, PhD student at CSSB, DESY, structural biology

Ben Otange, PhD student at CHyN, Universität Hamburg, physics

Benoît Richard, PhD student at CFEL, DESY, theoretical laser physics


The winner was determined by the audience and thier applause. It was such a close race, but Judita was found to have won this friendly battle of wits! Congrats to her but also to all other slammers who did a great job entertaining the audience!

You can watch all performances of the First PIER Science Slam here on YouTube:

The speakers of the evening were trained during one of our Science Communication trainings that, particularily prepared them for this event: https://indico.desy.de/event/32335/