We are super proud to present the results from our workshop Science Communication IV: (YouTube) Videos. The 3 PhD students and 2 Postdocs who participated in the course, created their videos with the help of two trainers experienced in video making: Joseph Piergrossi from the DESY PR Department and Adam Polczyk, deputy head of the PR department of the University of Cologne.

Watch the amazing Videos from the workshop participants here:

In her Video "Gravitational Waves from Bubbles in the Particle Soup", Jorinde van de Vis, Postdoc at DESY and the Quantum Universe Cluster of Excellence explains how the cooling down of an early universe particle soup led to expanding particles which bump into each other – to form gravitational waves.

In her Video "Daily life of a PhD", Ana Ventura Barroso, PhD student at DESY, invites us to join a normal day as an experimental particle physicist - meaning she fights bugs a lot, occasionally reveals fundamental properties of matter from data derived from the CMS experiment at CERN, and - fights bug a lot! :)

I her Video "Immunoblotting explained!", Marie Kriwet, PhD student at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf, explains the basic principles of Immunoblotting or Western blotting, a technique used by many molecular biologists to separate proteins by size and learn about a protein’s state by using specific antibodies.