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C++ Workshop

17-21 December 2018

This five-day course communicates programming basics, the syntax of C++ and useful data structures.

The course combines presentations along with day-by-day practical exercises (1/4th lectures, 3/4 excercises). The topics include (this may vary according to the needs or preferences of the participants):

Day 1: From machine code to programming language and back - the basics of programming. Bring your own device if you can, we will setup your individual developement environment together. Linux/Windows/MacOS/Android - everyone is welcome, the goal is to continue using C++ after the course.

Day 2: Minimal structure and syntax of C++ - the "int main(){}" function.You'll write simple programs using input/output and the fundamental datatypes.

Day 3: Important structural elements: Functions, loops and conditionals. Make programs using loops, functions, recursion, find prime numbers, compute fibonacci numbers, etc.

Day 4: Important datastructures: Arrays, strings, vectors. Use these datastructures to create simple scientific helper programs, calculate mean/variance and the correlation coefficient.

Day 5: More complex datastructures like hashtables and custom datastructures using "struct"'s and "class"'es. Structure your code using custom datastructures and use hashmaps to emulate set operations and associative retrieval.

Lecturer: Wolfgang Brehm
Venue: DESY, building 3, SR 3
Date: 17-21 December 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
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