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Travel report on the ASM Microbe 2018, Atlanta, USA

Chu Wang at the ASM Microbe 2018 in Atlanta, USA. Photograph: Private.

Chu Wang, PhD student at Campus Bahrenfeld, received a PIER travel grant and went to ASM microbe 2018, in Atlanta, USA. Here is her report and some impressions from the travel.

Thanks to PIER graduate school, I managed to attend the conference ASM microbe 2018, in Atlanta, USA. I was amazed by this huge forum and the amount of information I have got from there. The international conference was held by American Society for Microbiology and gathered over 8000 microbiologists in 5 days.
It was grouped into eight tracks and allowed me to narrow to specific scientific niches. Lectures and talks were given in parallel to make sure every aspects of microbiology were covered. I am interested in the sessions for advanced imaging technique like single molecule and super-resolution microscopies; the sessions for host-microbe interactions; as well as the sessions for molecular biology related to protein dynamics and enzyme mechanisms. The host of the conference had developed a handy APP, which allowed me to make my own calendar and marks for talks and events of my interests. And I enjoyed a lot by running from one lecture room to another to listen to the talks from experts all over the world.
They also have poster sessions, workshops and seminars in a large hall, which offered great opportunities to communicate with my peers. I met several phd students and posdocs that worked in the similar areas of my projects, and they gave me some really nice suggestions.
What’s more, a lot of renowned scientific magazines like science, cells also came to the conference, and I have got the chance to talk to the editors to know how to write the paper and the process to submit it. Biology related companies also represent some new products, which I found some of them were helpful to solve my scientific questions.
Therefore, I undoubtedly benefited a lot from the forum getting to know about cutting edge technologies and strategies used by renowned scientists for a proper set of future experiments. And last but not the least, I also visited Atlanta and New York during the stay in USA, which made the entire experience more unforgettable.
I would like to thank PIER graduate school and Jennifer for supporting my application and participation in this wonderful conference within their travel grant program.

Chu, 2018 June

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